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Between The Ears | Spring 2024

Springtime breathes new life into our routines, recently in the form of morning dance parties.

Here's a little bit of what's behind the pep in our step:

If you have a vacation around the corner, take this book. It deserves an uninterrupted read.

This book sunk its teeth in deep, inspiring us to explore an important topic that impacts us daily.

How can I love this spring

when it’s pulling me

through my life faster

than any time before it?

When five separate dooms

are promised this decade

and here I am, just trying

to watch a bumblebee cling

to its first purple flower.

I cannot save this world.

But look how it’s trying,

once again, to save me.

-- James A. Pearson

This spring we're giving a shoutout to the mighty bees (all 20,000 species)! We've been out in the flowers, so naturally the bees are hanging too. Observing them is always a good reminder of how amazing they are and how much we all rely on these buzzing beauties.

For bees in art, we immediately turned to B.D. Graft. He gets it. Here's the short trailer for one of his bee-centric shows.

We're planning our summer fun times and came across this article, which got our gears turning. No, it's not just Redwoods and Sequoias in California - the article recommends hikes that take you to forests in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, and Washington. For more big tree inspiration, we bring you...Claire Sherman:

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