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Finding art that feels
like it found you.

Art has the power to surprise and delight. From ideation to installation, we always aim to keep that energy alive in our process.

Field Trip Art Advisory LUI FERREYRA


This phase is all about understanding exactly what type of art program
you need. We’ll start with a series
of deep-dive discussions and mood
board reviews. Then, we’ll present
a refined shortlist of artwork for
each location.

Lui Ferreyra*



Together, we’ll select the perfect
pieces for your space. We’ll coordinate with the design & architecture teams
to ensure a cohesive aesthetic, maximizing the impact of each piece. Then, we get to getting. We’ll procure the selected works and make sure
they arrive on time.

Michael Dowling*


Daisy Patton


Now, it all comes together. We’ll hire, schedule, and oversee local art handlers to safely install all the artwork. From there, we can help inspire a dialogue around your new works with coffee table books, artists-lead tours, studio visits,
or even community events.

Interested in partnering on your next project?


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