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Botanicals - 15 artists affirming that spring has sprung

Hallelujah spring! We're really feeling the rebirth of everything green and growing. We're celebrating this glorious time by highlighting 15 artists who give us that good spring vibe.

collage of aquatint etchings with acrylic

oil on canvas

acrylic and spray paint on canvas

oil on canvas

acrylic on linen

oil, oil pastel, and fabric dyes on linen

acrylic on cotton canvas

colored pencil, acrylic and oil on panel

gouache, marker, crayon and acrylic on board

ink and watercolor on paper

acrylic, oil, soft pastel and oil stick on linen

oil on archival print on panel

acrylic and metallic paint pen on panel

acrylic ink, acrylic and metallic leaf on paper

oil on canvas

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