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Light and Dark - 15 artists working wonders in black & white

The grey winter has us noticing light and shadow, finding beauty all around with no color needed. These artists work a similar magic...

1. Anastasia Parmson

installation view, mixed media

2. Marcus Fitzgibbons

cut paper on board

3. Samantha Wall

ink on paper

4. Suzy Lindow

flashe on canvas

5. Rachel Doniger

double fold paper relief

6. Dennis Lee Mitchell

smoke on paper

7. Juan Miguel Marin

ink on paper

8. Charlie Oscar Patterson

oil and acrylic on canvas

9. Vanessa Hogge


10. Jae Ko

installation view, recycled paper

11. James Austin Murray

oil on panel

12. Adonna Khare

carbon pencil on paper

13. Dana Bechert


14. Katy Ann Gilmore

acrylic on dibond

15. Jihye Lim

mezzotint, chine collé

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