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Mural Season - 15 Artists From Around the Globe Making BIG ART

We love how murals bust art out of galleries and bring communities together outside in the sun. This summer we’re taking a look at 15 artists who are transforming the faces of buildings with their BIG badass work, helping to change the look and feel of cities around the globe.

1. Jessie and Katy - Baltimore, Maryland

2. Keya Tama - Capetown, South Africa & Los Angeles, California

3. Mando Marie - Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Mona Caron - San Francisco, California

5. Nathan Brown - Nashville, Tennessee

6. Shamira Wilson - Indianapolis, Indiana

7. Sophie Roach - Brooklyn, New York

8. The Worst Crew (Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios) - Denver, Colorado

9. AKA Corleone and Kruella d'Enfer - Lisbon, Portugal

10. Linnéa Andersson - Gothenburg, Sweden

11. Jillian Evelyn - Los Angeles, California

12. Hilda Palafox - Mexico City, Mexico

13. Brolga - Brooklyn, New York

14. Chelsea Ryoko Wong - San Francisco, California

15. Manolo Mesa - Cadiz, Spain

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