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Small Stylings - 15 Artists Whose Work You’ll Want On Your Shelves

Let’s talk about the small stuff - artwork that can perch on a shelf, lean on your mantle, or hangout with some books. Tiny pieces with big personalities that can add a huge pop of character, color and style to any space.

We’re highlighting 15 artists whose work may be small in scale, but leaves a big impression.

1. Meegan Barnes

2. Scott Albrecht

3. Fanny Ollas

4. Hollie Chastain

5. Tani Greenspan

6. Linda Lopez

7. Matthew Ward

8. Godeleine de Rosamel

9. En Iwamura

10. Fitzhugh Karol

11. Devyn Ormsby

12. Sofia Tufvasson

13. Clémentine de Chabaneix

14. Jeff Canham

15. Dan Lam

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