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Smörgåsbord - 15 Artists To Get You In The Mood For Food

It’s that time of year - let’s party. As we head into the holiday season we’re highlighting 15 artists whose art celebrates the cornerstone of every good and booze.

1. B.D Graft

paper, acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel collage

2. Lori Larusso

acrylic and enamel on panel

3. Stephanie Shih

painted ceramic

4. Naomi Devil

oil on canvas

5. Yoonmi Nam


6. Sierra Montoya Barela

acrylic on canvas

7. Jacqueline Tse

unglazed porcelain

8. Sam Keller

found cans with rhinestones

9. Bella McGoldrick

colored pencil on paper

10. Gregory Block

oil on panel

11. Boy Kong

watercolor on paper

12. Jason DeMarte

photo assemblage

13. Jackie Brown

acrylic on panel

14. Ryan Bubnis


15. Liz Hernandez

acrylic on canvas

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