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Wanderlust [wändərˌləst] - a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

Here in the Midwest, surviving the winter months entails more than enduring the chill. It's a brain battle against the flat, gray dreariness. We're highlighting 15 artists whose work will transport you from your cooped-up confines to right where you want to be.

1. Zak Van Biljon


2. Aaron Zulpo

oil on canvas

3. Shira Barzilay

photographic print

4. Gabe Fernandez

oil on wood panel

5. Erin Armstrong

acrylic on canvas

6. Diego Cabezas

forged iron

7. Reine Paradis

archival pigment print

8. Millee Tibbs

archival pigment print

9. Madeleine Bialke

oil on canvas

10. Holly Andres


11. Sophia Heymans

oil on canvas with paper mache

12. Jerry Kunkel

oil on canvas

13. Kyle Scheurmann

oil on jute

14. John Defeo

acrylic on panel

15. Tomokazu Matsuyama

acrylic and mixed media on canvas

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