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Come on in. The art is fine.


We do the work to get

 you works of art.


We help you conceptualize and source an art collection that can elevate a space, change a mood, and complete your design. Whether it’s a hotel, hospital, or company headquarters, together we’ll curate a collection that supports your vision. 



Art is for everyone

We’re out to bring more artwork
into everyone’s daily lives. More cool
in more weird little stairwells.
We want to serve as a conduit to the
art world, empowering you to choose
compelling, jaw-dropping art for
your space.

No inventory

means no agenda

We don’t have a basement full of pieces to choose from. And we like it that way. No inventory gives us a truly client-focused approach.
It means we’ll never push pieces on you just to offload a warehouse.
And we can get the artwork you want from anywhere in the world.


*Placements rendered to feature

 a few artists we love.

Michelle Robinson*

    Frank Martinez*

Field Trip Art Advisory Andy Tirado

Transparency breeds trust

Where should you splurge and where can you save? Sometimes the art
world can feel like the wild west.
But we’ll always be transparent about the process.
So you can trust us to curate the most impactful collection within your budget. 

Source it like a local

Fact: amazing art exists in your city.

We believe when you support local artists, you can engage the community, start a dialogue with visitors, and even invigorate the local economy. And we’ve got the resources & relationships to find that perfect piece, right in your own backyard.

Field Trip Art Advisory June Glasson

Andrew Ramiro Tirado*

       June Glasson*

Field Trip curated an amazing, impactful collection. They are consummate professionals who delivered on everything we asked and exceeded expectations.

Kelly Hinchman - Owner, Studio H Design Group

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