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Between The Ears | Fall 2023

It's fall and the dropping temps always encourage us to snuggle in.

A snippet of other things we've been filling our heads with as the days grow shorter and we spend more time reading by the fire.

How might the world react to the sudden appearance of an airplane full of doppelgängers?

War, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East. A timely read.

We recently commissioned Jeff Brunette (artist extraordinaire behind Dane Good Wood) to create 6 different installations that capture the adventure vibe of our Basecamp project. Jeff's installations utilized fly fishing nets, kayak oars, bike handlebars and beer cans, all while shouting out local Steamboat Springs brands. Jeff, we can't wait till next time.

Storm Peak Brewing installation

Some more highlights from the Basecamp install, including a look at some of Jeff's other pieces:

Check out more of Jeff's work HERE.

The last time we were in San Diego we were lucky enough to catch The Wood Brothers at our absolute favorite venue - The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Here's a peek at the first song of the night - a hauntingly beautiful performance of Postcards from Hell. A magical show we think back on often.

Can't talk about Solana Beach without mentioning local artist Andy Davis, whose work exudes that San Diego vibe we so often crave.

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