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Between The Ears | Summer 2021

Summer is our favorite.

Here’s a snippet of what we’ve filling our heads with this season, out in the world, in the company of good friends.

1. Summer Jams

What a delightfully weird summer read. Food, politics, and love on a magic-filled island.

*Cover art by Hayley Wall

3. Shogun

It felt like we stumbled upon a hidden gem with this epic tale of 17th century Japan...only to discover that everyone had apparently read this book in the 80’s. Bonus - FX is turning the book into a new series!

In this interview with Jim James, we learned that we share a love for this all-time favorite jam. Here’s Kermit and Jim tugging on our heart strings, singing a duet at the Newport Folk Festival in 2019.

We're SO inspired by Ellie Balk's work! She creates murals based on data (e.g. weather, emotions, population), creating opportunities to collaborate with youth and educate through art. This article dives into her mural collaboration with students and teachers at Williamsburg High School of Arts & Technology in Brooklyn to explore what kinds of emotions are elicited by various modes of communication occurring throughout a typical day.

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